Facebook Live


Something new that has been introduced to the social media world is live streaming. Live streaming has always been an available service, but not one readily available to all users, nor something that was thought to apply to social media. However, apps like Periscope and the new Facebook Live feature has people getting more involved in live streaming.

How can this be used as marketing tool?

Marketing promotions and/or events are tricky things, because it could require people to travel, make arrangements, and it creates a hassle for them to attend an event. Live streaming now has a unique opportunity for customers or a potential target market segment to become more involved in these events that people may be interested in. Consumers like being able to be personally involved in a company, and live streaming is a great way to make consumers feel welcome and invested in the company. In addition, with Facebook’s analytics and marketing metrics capabilities, Facebook Live can potentially allow companies to use suggestions on Facebook to draw a larger target segment.

Dangers of live streaming

The only thing about live streaming that companies should be concerned about is content. Live stream content needs to be engaging and interesting for consumers to remember the brand. You can’t expect viewers to stop what they’re doing and commit to watching the live stream if the content isn’t entertaining for them. Another danger in live streaming is uncontrollable. If something goes wrong during the live stream, any consumer viewing at the time could have a negative view of the brand. Companies have to be careful before beginning a live stream campaign to make sure the company is properly displayed and there are not harmful effects to the brand.


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