3 Useful Digital Media Guidebooks

Theres a lot of information on the internet regarding digital media practices and what is new. Looking around it is hard to separate good information from the bad. In order to find useful information we need to look to experts on social media. Listed below are three different guides from some trusted sources:

Moz: The Beginner’s Guide to SEO

This guide is a very great for understanding how to use SEO and what SEO. It has ten chapters that lay out an intro to SEO and various other aspects of SEO like link popularity, keyword research, and other search engine tools.

This guide can be found here:


Paradot by Salesforce: B2B Content Creation Guide

A lot of questions have been asked in class about B2B marketing and Paradot is able to give us some answers. Paradot is a section of Salesforce that focuses on helping companies with their B2B marketing. They provide a lot of resources to learn how to better your B2B marketing. A good guide they have is their Content Creation GuideĀ that helps you focus your content on your customers.

The guide can be downloaded at this link here:

The Content Creation Guide

Marketo: Definitive Guide to Digital Advertising

Finally, Marketo’s guide covers the history of digital advertising and the future of it. It teaches you how to develop your digital media and how to measure the effects it is having.

This guide can be download and read here:




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