Social Media Mishaps: The Do’s and Dont’s of a Successful Campaign

In 2ol6 the world is becoming more and more progressive; we are working towards equality and seeing through barriers that were once a staple of our country. With this new found freedom and mindset comes potential creative, witty forms of expression. Hence the age of social media! Back in let’s say the 1960’s, nobody would ever expect the freedom businesses and companies would have to say whatever and whenever so quickly while being able to interact with consumers, positive and negative alike. This begs the question: what is too much when considering what a business can tweet or post? Here we will take a look at some of the worst social media marketing of the past couple months.

IHOP has been a frontrunner for a business who tends to push the envelop with edgy tweets; but IHOP may have over stepped it’s boundaries when they made a sexist tweet regarding their pancakes and part of the female body. Now while the tweet didn’t explicitly say anything too inappropriate, all of the followers understood the implications of the tweets and were quickly offended.

Another example of failed communication from a business through social media is that of our beloved Seattle Seahawks. In the past couple of months the Seahawks seemed as if they could do no wrong, coming off consecutive Superbowl appearances and garnering national attention. On this specific January night, the Seahawks were in the national spotlight for the wrong reasons. The Seahawks Twitter account had a tweeted an image of Russel Wilson, and compared their hard-fought win against the Green Bay Packers to the Civil Rights Movement. Fans nationwide didn’t like the idea of this and were very deliberate about it. Inspiring idea for a tweet that could have had some success? Hmm, perhaps. But the execution of the tweet is what ultimately rubbed fans of the team the wrong way.

When tweeting for a business or company, one must think about potential audience before firing away a message that will be forever misconstrued in cyber space. Delicate issues such as gender and race should be carefully thought out and executed in order to minimize damage control and save a business from harsh criticism.




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