Cyber Security in Social Media

Cyber Security in Social Media 

As social media expands and become a daily part of our lives, we favor convenience over security. Being able to talk with friends instantly means there is less security in those messages with little to no encryption. We are starting to see legislation from the United States government attempting to bring awareness to our security issues. The government has implemented social media searches as part of background checks. The DoD understands the importance of checking every aspect of candidate’s lives, and companies are soon to follow.


Hackers are able to cross reference multiple platforms of social media and figure out where you work and what it would take for you to open up an email with a potential virus. This has happened at multiple companies and can have lasting affects if not remedied quickly. Here are 3 steps to take to help mitigate the risk of a security breach.


1.) Be careful what you post on social media, companies need to inform employees on what they can and can’t post and how it will affect their firms sensitive data. This goes double for what emails employees should be opening

2.) Safeguard sensitive information, make sure known entry points to the data is secure, and have a record of who can and can’t access the information.

3.) Constantly audit your systems. An employee that connects their personal laptops or log into unsecure sites is all it takes to compromise the system


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